Saturday, 12 November 2011

Winter Update

Well autumn has come and gone and we now head into winter, however, the seeds I planted only a few weeks ago are sprouting up all over the place, I have a number of crosses of Oklahoma, King Midas, Liberty Glow, Follow your Heart, Orient Express, and a few more besides so not sure what will turn up but it is interesting trying. I have found getting plants to two years old is the hardest thing as many just sit there and then give up the ghost. The other main problem is finding space for them, yes where next can I put yet another pot. I envy those who live in tropical climates as you can use the outside space, I know shade and protection from pests is harder but to have the space would be a great luxury. I may construct a fourth greenhouse and this time keep it for Kiwi hybrids and my own crosses we will see. If I do manage to construct a new house I will post some pictures. 

I am on the last chapter 19 pages of my book and will have it out shortly I have found that a book is never finished it is always work in progress unlike a novel trying to share experiences of growing plants means you always have that one further thought which you just have to include! The book will be available on CD first as it is the easiest format I hope then to make it available for download as an ebook and then I will make it available as a proper book. 

More soon. I hope you are all enjoying your plants. 


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